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Colorado Coldplay Members


Red Rocks?
shawn & robin

also known as
Chris's Nuts
& Voice of Reason

Filmore pics are here
Red Rocks pics are here

yes + soundcheck 60+ including 2/6/03 Both
jennie "oasisjennie" highlands ranch
website here
yes Minneapolis Aug. 02; Denver, Feb 6 '03;Glasto'02? 6th
allison "greystar" ? no? ???  
jenn "jenn08""booradley" boulder?
Red Rocks pictures
went backstage
9/16/02 Baltimore & 8/27/02 Forum Both
tracie "the butterfly" ? no no 6th
andrea "dollface" fort collins no, in uk right now ??? in england
skyler boulder no? ???  
"dogman star" Timmers
see his website website hell yah!
the taper!
y & sndchk
2/6/03 of course & several others 6th
Eric "swank79" website friend of taper! y
& sndchk
several CP shows 6th
Todd & Heidi website yes 2/6/03  
Audrey "audball34"
not sure los angeles
went backstage
7/10/02 Kuotocomplex
i think?
Tamara "getoutofcities" website missed it no 5th GA
likeSpinningPlates denver yes no, not yet 5th Res
brokenmandible ??? denver yes ???  
Viviana denver yes   6th
txjaxx denver yes ???  
Moon Glow Goddess ??? boulder yes ???  
Derek denver yes no 6th Rsvd
Daniel ???? yes? Led Zep &
Pearl Jam
Aphasia~214 ??? aurora yes? ???  
"Aracelis" Viviana denver? yes? ???  
Peter aspen no no 6th
Liz Miller denver ?? 2/6/03 yes


please note ??? by email is an unconfirmed member!

Please feel free to contact each other and trade shows and photos amongst each other.

Iif you have photos of the show please scan or send any dupes to people with scanners and we'll add them to out online sites.

If you aren't on this site and went to the show please contact me and i'll add/update your info. If you have traded for shows recently let me know and i'll also update your info there.

Please get a copy of the denver show to anyone who saw it if you can for trades or blanks & possible postage.


Jenn's Coldplay Pics
J7.jpg J2.jpg J3.jpg J4.jpg J5.jpgJ8.jpg
J9.jpg J1.jpg J6.jpg