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Red Rocks 6-6-03
thanks to Eric for the camera!!
RedRocks0001.jpg RedRocks0004.jpg RedRocks0005.jpg RedRocks0006.jpg RedRocks0007.jpg
RedRocks0008.jpg RedRocks0009.jpg RedRocks0010.jpg RedRocks0011.jpg RedRocks0012.jpg
RedRocks0013.jpg RedRocks0015.jpg RedRocks0016.jpg RedRocks0017.jpg RedRocks0018.jpg
RedRocks0019.jpg RedRocks0020.jpg RedRocks0021.jpg RedRocks0022.jpg RedRocks0023.jpg

A big thanks to Eric for letting me borrow his digital camera!!

I took these photos from the first row of the rainy 6/6/03 show. Thanks to the Colorado gang for helping us move up a few rows. Feel free to download the pics but do not use them on other websites or commercially without permission. Luckily they came out very nicely and with practically no rain in the pictures somehow. Enjoy!

~The Scientist~ Chris's Nuts........... ie. Shawn :-)